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                      As one of the largest private landowners in the United States, we have a long history of managing our forestland sustainably and in accordance with certification standards. We provide that same level of commitment to customers seeking mineral rights for construction and other markets.?

                      PARTNER WITH US

                      Our recent projects include industrial minerals, metals?and more. We also provide opportunities for construction aggregates. We actively seek experienced and reliable operators to explore and develop our lands. We select partners based on technical expertise, operational track record, financial stability, environmental record and exploration vision.?

                      From individual tracts to large regional programs, we’ve recently entered into a number of mineral agreements including leases, exploration permits, joint ventures and joint operating agreements. Our minerals experts remain active throughout the project lifecycle, from exploration to development.

                      OUR CUSTOMERS CAN
                      RELY ON OUR EXPERTISE IN:
                      • Extensive technical databases
                      • Interpretations
                      • Prospects and leads
                      • Extensive road networks
                      • Aerial photography and base maps
                      • Land title information

                      WHERE WE'RE LOCATED

                      CONTACT US

                      We welcome inquiries and proposals. Please submit this form to learn more.?