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                      Welcome to Weyerhaeuser recreational access! With millions of acres across the U.S., we offer hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts a vast resource for enjoying outdoor recreation.

                      We’re the largest private landowner in the United States and among the largest private providers of outdoor recreational opportunities in the world. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for – hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, camping and more – we can offer a property that's right for you.

                      For safe enjoyment of our acreage, we’ve created a regional recreational program that outlines basic guidelines and expectations for those accessing our land.

                      Visit our Northwest RegionGulf RegionAtlantic Region or Northeast Region page to find more information, or select a region on the map below:

                      Minerals Map

                      We view activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, picking mushrooms, honey production and more as a way to enjoy the full value of our timberlands. We share data about these ecosystem services annually to shed light on the benefits forests provide, to demonstrate transparency about revenue sources, and to help influence global reporting standards.

                      We allow access to our lands when compatible with company operations. Unfortunately, problems with illegal dumping, vandalism and damage to young seedlings have forced us to tighten restrictions around access to our forests. Please report any illegal activity to local authorities to help maximize access in the future. Thank you!