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                      Sprinkled throughout the Northeast, in states from Maine to West Virginia, our Northeast Region provides recreational access for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and so much more. As one of the largest private landholders in the U.S., we provide recreational opportunities unparalleled in the industry.

                      Many of our recreation enthusiasts are longstanding customers who we encourage to use our premier outdoor recreational access tool to view and manage their lease. For all others, we invite you to view our available recreational opportunities, which include leases for hunting lands and cabins, as well as permits for hunting bear.

                      We provide public access to our land as one of our many ecosystem services. Please keep in mind, we offer these recreational opportunities within a working forest – a sustainable supply of wood to meet the world’s demand requires us to continually manage our forests with site preparation, tree planting, spraying, harvesting and more.

                      Welcome to Weyerhaeuser’s recreational access program, we’re glad you’re here!

                      If you have questions not answered through our premier outdoor recreational access tool, please contact us:


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