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                      HELP US FIND OUR UNSUNG HEROES

                      Do you know a Weyerhaeuser employee who is making an impact in his or her local community?

                      At Weyerhaeuser, we believe volunteers are the heart of our communities.

                      We're fortunate to have many individuals who lend their time and talents to the places where we work and live. As a token of appreciation, we annually recognize an outstanding individual or employee team by awarding the Weyerhaeuser Volunteer of the Year Award, which includes a $5,000 WAVES (Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer Employees) grant to the nonprofit, school or civic organization named from the recipients' nomination. 

                      Weyerhaeuser's annual awards recognize the following impact areas:

                      • Volunteer of the Year Award for Education and Youth Development
                      • Volunteer of the Year Award for Environmental Stewardship
                      • Volunteer of the Year Award for Human Services, Civic, Culture, and Public Safety
                      • Thelma L. Bryant Pioneer Award for Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion

                      KEY INFORMATION

                      Eligibility & Criteria

                      Eligibility & Criteria

                      • Nominee(s) must be an active Weyerhaeuser employee.
                      • Individuals or teams may be nominated by another Weyerhaeuser employee or by any member of the community.
                      • Nominees are not required to have participated in the WAVES program.
                      • Nominees should demonstrate commitment to making their community a better place through their voluntary service in one of the four award categories.
                      • Recipients will be selected based on their initiative and the actual outcomes achieved because of their volunteer contributions.
                      • Service must be performed outside the context of the nominee’s paid employment. Activities should be unpaid and may not include court ordered community service.
                      • The Company Giving team will manage the selection process and is responsible for announcing the award recipient.

                      Nomination Tips

                      NOMINATION TIPS

                      To help your nominee in the consideration process, tell your nominee's story in a compelling way to help the selection committee understand why the person or team stands out. (The selection committee is likely hearing about your nominee, and her or his volunteer activities, for the first time.)

                      Here are some helpful things to consider:

                      • How does this person's volunteer work benefit your local community?
                      • Does this person take initiative? 
                      • Is your nominee innovative and creative in problem-solving or finding solutions?
                      • How does this person inspire others?
                      • Does this person demonstrate selflessness and commitment to the project, program and community?
                      • Is your nominee committed for the long term?

                      Employee Recognition

                      EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION

                      • Winning employees will receive a $5,000 WAVES grant award to the nonprofit, school or civic organization they support, and in alignment with our WAVES grant restrictions. If a team is selected, the team will be awarded one grant award on behalf of the team.
                      • Winning employees also receive a certificate of recognition from the sponsoring Senior Management Team member.
                      • The recipients in each category will be featured on Weyerhaeuser's internal news site for their volunteer work.



                      • Nominations will be accepted throughout the year, and must be received by Oct. 30.
                      • Winners will be announced in early November.


                      Nomination Form

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