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                      We are committed to certifying 100 percent of our timberlands to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Forest Management standard. This certification means we can say with certainty we practice sustainable forestry on our lands and encourage other landowners to do the same. It also means we are carrying out our responsibility and commitment to society to be good stewards of our forests. 

                      Being certified to the SFI® Forest Management standard means we have to meet the 101 indicators specified in the standard. These indicators cover the whole range of activities that make up sustainable forest management: calculating sustainable harvest levels, reforesting after harvest, supporting research, utilizing qualified and trained loggers, and protecting water quality, forests of exceptional conservation value and wildlife habitat. Each year, a third-party auditor visits our forests and our offices to verify our practices are living up to the requirements of the standard. 

                      Visit the SFI website to learn more about the forest management standard and why we like to shout from the treetops that our forests are certifiably sustainable.

                      What about our products? Supporting sustainable forests is the first step in ensuring a sustainable supply chain for products made from trees. Learn about our participation in sustainable fiber sourcing and chain of custody programs.

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