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                      We use disciplined processes to manage our environmental, safety, social and public-policy risks. This helps our employees and leadership make and implement smart and informed decisions. 

                      ENTERPRISE RISK ASSESSMENT

                      Our annual enterprise risk assessment evaluates the likelihood of various risks and determines the potential magnitude of impact to our company. The analysis is conducted under the guidance of our chief compliance officer with assistance from other members of the management team and is reviewed by our board of directors.

                      INTERNAL AUDITS

                      We conduct internal audits regularly to ensure compliance with environmental, safety, financial, disclosure and other regulations; voluntary standards; and our own company policies. When noncompliance issues are identified, corrective action plans are developed and implementation is tracked to ensure timely resolution.


                      An independent public accounting firm audits our accounting processes, financial reporting and internal controls on an ongoing basis. See our Annual Report (pages 95 -96) for more information.

                      ETHICAL BUSINESS CONDUCT

                      Our robust compliance and ethics program ensures our employees understand and follow our Code of Ethics, participate in regular compliance and ethics training and model and promote ethical behavior. An annual legal risk assessment is undertaken under the guidance of our chief compliance officer and shared with our senior management team and board of directors. 



                      Our board of directors includes a Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee, which provides oversight of our sustainability strategy and performance, environmental and safety matters, ethics and business conduct, political activities and human resources practices. We also complete an annual sustainability significance assessment, performance review and trend analysis which are reviewed by our board of directors and senior management team.


                      Our environmental management systems provide a disciplined approach to implementing our core environmental policy and evaluating our performance. In addition, 100 percent of our timberlands and our wood fiber supply are independently certified to sustainable forestry standards


                      Our safety vision describes what a truly safe place to work looks like — caring leadership, engaged employees and personal accountability. We consistently apply tools with a sharp focus on identifying and controlling risk to prevent injuries, especially life-altering injuries. We use an internal health and safety audit system to assess our facilities' abilities to identify, manage and control health and safety risks. We also use an information management system to investigate incidents, track the progress of corrective actions, analyze company trends and address potential future risks.