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                      Our scientific research in optimizing crop yields is a product of our longevity — more than 100 years of success in the forest products industry. Originally used in 1998, our fertilizer technology Arborite? has been used on millions of acres of forestland since and is now available to farmers and growers in the United States and Mexico.

                      Nitrogen is essential to maximize growth. In most plants, when nitrogen is limited, it’s considered the greatest deterrent to plant growth. By reducing volatility between fertilizer and soil, more nitrogen can remain in the soil for a longer period of time. This can help improve economic yield and reduce nitrogen costs.

                      Arborite has grown into a family of coated granular and suspension fertilizer products specially formulated for both agriculture and forestry.

                      Watch this video to see how we partnered with the National Science Foundation using our Arborite? fertilizer
                      in a study of the long-term effects of nitrogen on the ecosystem.

                      ARBORITE AG FOR AGRICULTURE

                      Urea granules and urea nitrate solutions (UAN) are the most readily available and generally most cost effective sources of nitrogen. But after most are applied, micro-organisms in the soil produce an enzyme that cause them to release nitrogen as ammonia gas. This loss is greatest within two to four days of application, even faster in high pH soils.

                      Arborite AG uses a unique, patented NBPT-dissolving system to either coat urea granules or mix with UAN to help inhibit the conversion of urea to ammonia. It’s easy to use and can be applied to granular urea, or mixed with UAN, without special equipment. The end result is reduced volatility and slowed nitrogen loss while waiting for adequate rain or irrigation. Arborite AG can:

                      • Help retain more nitrogen in the soil for longer periods.
                      • Be used with many crops and soils.
                      • Provide no-till farmers with greater flexibility for nitrogen management.
                      • Improve cost-efficiency when used with tillage systems that require surface-applied nitrogen.

                      Arborite AG fertilizer technology brochure.jpg


                      Western United States

                      Steve Farner
                      Sales Manager, RegionMicroSource, a division of Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC
                      (877) 601-6530

                      Northern and Midwest United States

                      Larry Grote
                      Sales Manager, RegionMicroSource, a division of Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC
                      (308) 325-2442

                      Eastern and Southeast United States

                      Alan Robinette
                      Sales Manager, MicroSource, a division of Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC
                      (334) 733-0388

                      All Other Sales

                      Leigh Hamric
                      Product Manager, Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC
                      (843) 292-0361

                      ARBORITE CUF FOR FORESTRY

                      Traditionally, forest fertilization has been done using uncoated urea and diammonium phosphate (DAP) as a split application or bulk blend. But split applications require two passes which can increase costs. Bulk blends can result in non-uniform application due to the differences in density of urea and DAP.

                      Arborite CUF (coated urea fertilizers) uses a patented binding system to prepare urea products with water soluable boron and phosphate as a single granule. Other nutrients can be added to supply a broader spectrum of nutrients, all in a single granule. Arborite CUF EC (extra control) provides the same multi-nutrient single granule, but with even more control for nitrogen loss due to environmental conditions like temperature, moisture and humidity.

                      arborite CUF EC brochure.jpg



                      Dick Lind
                      Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC
                      (800) 748-8630

                      North Carolina

                      Joe Barker
                      EnCee Chemical
                      (800) 334-2663


                      Jean Provence
                      Provence Lime and Fertilizer Co.
                      (580) 286-3420

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