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                      Premium Green Douglas-Fir

                      Precision graded for superior appearance and minimal waste

                      Grown in the Pacific Northwest, Premium Green Douglas-fir is a product that’s ideal for structural framing in residential applications. Our proprietary grade specifications and precision manufacturing consistently deliver the unique features you demand:

                      • Attractive, square-edge appearance with minimal wane
                      • High strength and stiffness, while being easy to nail
                      • Manufactured and graded to stay strong and straight
                      • Treated with a moldicide on all sides and ends to help keep wood bright and clean
                      • Harvested from sustainable timberlands

                      For mill-direct, truckload or rail car sales inquiries in the Northwest: 1-800-426-0870

                      Interested in Weyerhaeuser lumber? Contact us for a quote!

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