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                      MDF Product Specifications

                      Woodworkers depend on the exceptional qualities of our HDF and LDF engineered wood panels, valued for their smooth unblemished surfaces and homogenous cores. Made from high-quality inland species of western softwoods known for their low-abrasive content and light color, our engineered wood panels provide unsurpassed ease of core profiling and finishing.

                      We have also developed several specialty product formulations – each enhancing the productivity and quality of specific end-use applications.

                      Medium and Light Density Panels (MDF & LDF)

                      Available in thicknesses ≥ .354″ (9mm) ≤ 1.25″ (31.8mm)

                      Density Use
                      Medium Density Used in routed/machined applications where a smooth, homogeneous finish is required.
                      Product Specifications & Shipping Info
                      High Density Machining Grade Used in routed/machined applications where a smooth, homogeneous finish is required.
                      Product Specifications
                      Light Density Used for molding and millwork where high processing throughput speeds and finely detailed profiles are required. (Available in 5′ widths only.) Product Specifications

                      Header: High Density Panels (HDF)

                      Available in thicknesses ≥ .063″ (1.6mm) ≤ .315″ (8mm)

                      Type Use
                      Standard Used for painted and machined applications where smoothly finished surfaces and cleanly machined edges are required.
                      Product Specifications
                      Door Crossbands Used as a substrate upon which wood veneer or other laminate materials are bonded for solid core door surfaces.
                      Product Specifications
                      Moisture Resistant Used to achieve reduced-thickness swell relative to standard HDF when exposed to moisture. This product is for interior use only, not “waterproof” and not intended for wet-area applications.
                      Product Specifications
                      Plywood Core Used as inner core material for hot-pressed plywood.
                      Product Specifications
                      HDF Ultra Core Used in laminated or painted applications requiring a flat, uniform HDF face and the exceptional mechanical properties of a Structural – 1 softwood plywood core.
                      Product Specifications