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                      Estima? Software

                      Material takeoff software for the structural wood frame

                      Estima empowers dealer sales reps to convert a take-off request to a sales opportunity by utilizing the take-off process to solve problems before they happen. The comprehensive output builds teamwork during the sales presentation as you collaborate and problem-solve with your customer on the project.

                      Want more info? Contact PreBuiltML Customer Care at 866-203-4023 or email support@preBuiltml.com

                      Estima Features & Benefits

                      Build the most comprehensive, jobsite-ready take-off available.

                      • Intuitive interface that is easy-to-learn
                      • User-defined profiles and templates
                      • Cut lists optimized by stocking lengths
                      • View and change variables on the fly


                      Learn how to utilize Estima for the right estimation every time.


                      Estima can manage an unlimited number of customer preferences

                      QUICK CHANGE SPECIES AND GRADE
                      Easily change the species and grade through an entire project

                      SOPHISTICATED JOIST TOOL
                      Joist tool automatically addresses floor and roof member interactions cutting where necessary

                      PROFILED TAGS AND COLORS
                      Setting up custom tag prefixes and suffixes along with product or application colors is all part of Estima

                      AUTO CREATED HANGER ICONS
                      Estima with Prebuilt ML automatically isolates locations that require hangers and identifies them for you



                      50+ MILLION PRODUCT DATABASE

                      Products at your fingers.

                      Built-in customizable wall assemblies

                      ASSIGNING MATERIAL PACKS
                      Conveniently assign material to any pack, custom or template based

                      PAGE SCALING ASSISTANT
                      Estima automatically evaluates each page’s scale to ensure that discrepencies are identified and presented to you in case an error was made

                      3D FLOOR AND ROOF RENDERING
                      Yes, we have it. You can render floors and roofs in 3D to ensure everything is properly lined up

                      DETAILED WALL VIEWER
                      Clearly see profile views of walls within Estima



                      EXTENSIVE MATERIAL REPORTS
                      Choose from a wide range of practical and useful standard reports built into Estima

                      TAILOR REPORTS
                      Add your logo, notes pages and more to any of the output reports

                      PROFESSIONAL LAYOUTS
                      Estima layouts include the material list and side bar, and come in multiple sizes sure to meet your needs

                      CUSTOM DETAILS
                      Add your own custom details to any of the layouts

                      CUT LOGIC REPORT
                      Estima includes simple to understand cut logic in many of the reports