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                      Forte?WEB Software

                      Single member sizing for everyone

                      Whether you’re an architect, engineer or design professional sizing joists, beams, posts or studs, Forte®WEB software performs member calculations and identifies solutions for the conditions and geometry you specify. Size members for a specific spacing, depth or the best economical fit.

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                      Access FORTE®WEB

                      ForteWEB is the next generation of our member sizing software available as a web-based application. ForteWEB can do everything you would expect from a member sizing software and more. We invite you to give it a try and size it up for yourself!

                      Usage and requirements

                      • Never download or install software again, ForteWEB software will always be up to date when you log in
                      • Free to use! - A new user account must first be created for all users to access the web application
                      • Compatible with most internet browsers - requires an internet connection
                      • Analyze beams, joists, posts and wall members using residential or commercial loading
                      • Access job files from anywhere using secure cloud storage
                      • Share files using Teams for quick and easy collaboration
                      • Size members on the go with any device using our mobile interface

                      Access ForteWEB now!

                      OVERVIEW VIDEO

                      Take a moment to watch an overview of ForteWEB software and decide how it will work for you!

                      Want to learn more! Check out our Training Videos to learn how to use ForteWEB software.

                      FEATURES & BENEFITS

                      • Intuitive user interface and design workflows – ForteWEB software is designed to be used right away with practically no learning curve.
                      • Balance cost and performance using the TJ-Pro™ Rating System — the solutions list provides a view into product combinations that can save money while delivering on-floor performance expectations.
                      • Loading assistance for complex conditions – easily calculate and apply loads on one tab using a variety of tools.
                      • Size engineered wood and dimension lumber in one tool – compare design results and select the most effective solution.
                      • Address field issues on site – use the joist and beam hole analysis or the TJI® notched flange analysis to determine if an issue at the jobsite will work without a modification.
                      • Integration with BIM solutions — users’ modeling and designing structures using Autodesk® Revit® software will now have the ability to design Trus Joist® products using the MWF Pro Wood Revit® extension from StrucSoft Solutions. Visit StrucSoft Solutions for more information.

                      Getting Started Guide (English | French)

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      New to Forte? Attend one of our monthly ForteWEB Friday sessions for new users

                      TRAINING VIDEOS

                      We have many training videos to make using Forte software a breeze.

                      View the video play list using the icon on the top left of the video.

                      Watch specific instructions on how Forte software works.

                      Visit our YouTube playlist for more videos on how to use Forte software.

                      OPEN FILE EXCHANGE

                      Calling all software developers

                      We provide a software development kit (SDK) to software developers looking to enhance their software to export floor, wall, and roof members to the ForteWEB application for analysis. This allows your customers to skip remodeling spans, supports, and loads in Forte and instead send these calculations to Forte with all the necessary information pre-populated.

                      For more information about integrating your application with ForteWEB software using our Open File Exchange, contact our software development team.

                      Forte Desktop

                      Still looking for Forte desktop software? Forte desktop has been officially replaced by ForteWEB and is no longer available for download. If ForteWEB software isn’t able to meet your sizing needs please email software support at software@weyerhaeuser.com and we will help identify an alternative solution for you.

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                      Product Literature

                      • svc-4130 - Product Overview: Forte Sizing Software
                      • svc-4005 - Product Overview: TJ-Pro Ratings
                      • tj-1013 - Trus Joist No Red Tag Guarantee